Closing the Social & Financial Divide

Improving the lives of people through Financial Literacy

People in India and in developing countries (Asia and Africa) do not have any mechanism to receive financial literacy. For instance, more than 60% of the people at the time of retirement are not financially independent or they depend on non-liquid assets to meet their financial needs.

On the other hand, India’s richest 1% own 58% of wealth, the richest 10 % own 80.7 % of the wealth and this divide is growing over the years. This gap poses a threat to the basic freedom and the democratic fabric of the society. This also creates a big financial divide/ inequality in all age segments of the society and has made India the second-most unequal country in the world.

To fix this inequality, project Arthagram's goal is to make people realize their full potential by making them financially literate in a simple and cost effective manner – using technology, creating simple training material, influencing modification to financial literacy policies/ incentives with govt creating a sustainable model to engage volunteers and citizens across the world to support the cause.

Why Financial Literacy ?

We have seen many people living a very unsecured, dependent and stressful life in their older years because they never did any financial planning and were not aware of the concept of financial planning. Large percentage of senior citizens in developing countries are financially dependent and on the mercy of kids, family members and friends. In contrast I have also seen many of the well-educated young people making mistakes with their financially planning because they are not aware of basic financial concepts and planning rules.

Do we really need to know the basics of finance ? 
Before we spend or invest in ANY product we should be aware of short term and long term benefits and impact of our decision. 
We should know and explore every alternative before making a financial decision.

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These are face to face workshops, of roughly funfilled 90 minutes. These can be online, or in person where technology is not available to allow for online workshops.

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Why Financial Literacy?

Improving the lives of people through Financial Literacy - Closing the Social & Financial Divide


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Give your students or employees a gift that keeps gicing forever. Give them a gift of financial learning that guides them throughout theor life.

We can organize an appropriate workshop, online or in-person for them.

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